Mar 11, 2010

New Wheels

Not for me but for Jeremiah. First let me share some great news. A little bit of back story first. Jeremiah most of you know has Cerebral Palsy. One thing this means is physical therapy. He's been in PT since before 1 yr old. Every week. Once a week. After his surgery we ever had several months of 3 times a week PT. Tuesday we found out he has graduated to one time a month. He has progressed great and met a lot of his goals. He still isn't walking unassisted but it's kinda up to him and how he keeps progressing at this point.

He is very happy of course. I'm so proud of him and we all are. The other day we were visiting my Gma and she got this new walker. I was looking and it thinking how perfect it was. If she gets tired she can plop down and have a rest. Jeremiah walks fine holding onto one of my hands but when we stop for a small period of time his legs just give out. I finally had a light go on wondering if Jeremiah could get a walker like Gma's. Come to find out it was a great idea according to his PT. He can walk more in small places. Especially with Garage Sale shopping that will start soon. We either had to unload his wheelchair each time or he just sat in the van and waited. The standing was just too much. This is a picture of what the walker looks like. Except Jeremiah's is the coolest shade of green. It's like green splotchy kind of paint. He loves it. He's already been running around the house. We are going to a few garage sales tomorrow to check it out haha. Anyway I just had to update.


  1. This is perfect Katie! This is the kind my mom had too........they are wonderful for sitting when you get tired.......Jeremiah will love it.

  2. Katie, that is wonderful news!!!!

  3. congrats to Jeremiah!!!!! He has to be so happy with the progress he has made. Way to go J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love the new wheels....I bet he will really progress now!!!!!


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