Mar 22, 2010

Picture Updates

In ESC this weekend we had a March Stitch Along. I picked out a biscornu to stitch. This design is from Lenka's Designs. It's her Heart Scissor Fob pattern. I made it into a biscornu instead. I enjoyed this pattern a lot. It's the smallest one I've made. It's 2 inches across. My third finish for 2010.

Also I have this awesome exchange picture. Annette spoiled me rotten. We are in a year long holiday exchange. This is stuff from Valentine's Day and St Paddy's Day. Look at that basket full of floss! Everything is perfect.

I'll have an update on my WIP later. For some reason it is really blurry when I do it with the new scanner. I've been motivated finally to work on the Crescent Moon Dragon. I think I just needed a quick finish to get excited again.


  1. Your finish came out so cute. I love how you reverse the colors. What a cool idea. Lovely gifts you got from Annette. The floss is so pretty.

  2. your biscornu looks great!!!! Congrats on a start to finish!!!!!
    Wow, your exchange gifts look great!!!! Good thing your partner knows you huh?!?!?!?!!?


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