Apr 23, 2010


This is a picture of the tub full of toys Jeremiah found over at Ohio Flea Markets haha. Mom found 2 tables full of stuff to resale. I also have a fuzzy update of my WIP. Don't know why it was so fuzzy this time. This is all the progress I have so far. This was supposed to be a quick stitch haha. I just haven't had a lot of stitching time this week at all. It's been a crazy busy week. Monday we priced everything and boxed it up for Shipshewana. Tuesday we did our grocery shopping and went to the mall for a little bit. Wednesday we picked up Grandma and went up to Shipshewana. We wanted to get some birdseed and some noodles and what not. Thursday we did over 20 garage sales and got another full table of stuff to resale. Today I protested and said I wasn't doing anything. My nothing so far consisted of laundry, wrapping presents, and organizing my living room by putting stuff away. LOL So much for doing nothing today haha. Tomorrow is Jeremiah's 12 birthday party. He can't wait of course.

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