Jul 21, 2010


Here are some miniatures I've been working on for my mom. I put the quarter in so you can see how small these really are. They are flat paper and I have to fold them into the box form. I really enjoy working on them. There are a bunch of different styles and what not. Love the Jello and Dove soap. They are the smallest by far. Jeremiah joked about using the crayons at school. My mom sells these for $1 a piece. I made 23 the first day and 47 yesterday. They go pretty quick for me. A lady stopped one day and bought 30 some of them. I'm so glad.


  1. Do you buy them flat? Or print them off and put them together?

  2. wow, looks like time consuming work, but oh so cute!

  3. Oh, those are so cute!!! And, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog tonight. :-)


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