Dec 1, 2010

Merry Christmas WIP

Here it is December. Wow! Where did 2010 go? It was a good year. I'm already looking forward to 2011 though. Lots of fun stuff already planned. We want to take more family camping trips. Fred and I have our 10th anniversary and we are going to Gatlinburg to celebrate. Mom mentioned going to see the ocean in Feb again. Looks pretty exciting just mentioning those few things. Never know what else will come along.

Above is my Merry Christmas update. Sometimes I think the piece is really flying. Last night it really seemed to fly. I'm really enjoying stitching it a lot. The color changes are even kinda fun haha. The backstitching really makes the piece POP. I backstitched the H last night and was just sitting there saying Wow. Hubby even said it sure makes a huge difference the before and after. Jeremiah keeps a count of how many letters I have left to do. He thinks I'll have it done before Christmas. The worst part is there is a million other pieces screaming stitch me. I have some ornaments and what not. In my favorite yahoo group we are doing an ornament SAL next year so I'm really looking forward to that too. Well I better go get stitching. The piece isn't going to finish itself. Hope everyone has a great December!


  1. A great design you are working on Katie.

    Happy weekend!!

  2. Great progress! Such a cute design.


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