Feb 9, 2011

Trip to Alabama Night #1

We hit the road at about 8am this morning. How sad is it that I cried when I was leaving the dog? So sad! I just love her a little bit haha. We had no issues until right before we stopped for the night. We made it around Indy with no problems. We stopped for the mandatory must be on vacation lunch at Crackle Barrel haha. Even made it around Louisville. It just started to sprinkle snow when we were thinking of stopping. We found out it was a good thing we stopped when we did. South of here they are getting quite a bit of snow. Just an inch here. We are in Elizabethtown Kentucky. We found a Comfort Suites. Since the four of us share a room it is really nice cause it has the living area with a couch and what not.

Beside our hotel is a Texas Roadhouse. We have one at home and knew we liked their food. So we hung out for a little bit and went to eat dinner. We got there at the perfect time. No wait. The food was great. The waiter was funny and Jeremiah accused me of flirting. I said there is a big difference between flirting and having fun being idiots haha. When we came out the van had a nice cover of snow and we did notice it was slick. Luckily it was just a parking lot away from our hotel. Now we are in for the night. Hope we don't have too much trouble tomorrow with that snow south of us. We will go as far as we can.

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  1. I hope you make it safely through the storm area! Keep us posted!


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