Feb 11, 2011

We are Here

If you say Ocean to my mom she really goes fast haha. We called our condo last night and asked if we could get in a day early. They said No Problem. So we hit the road at about 9am. We had no problems today. One neat thing about coming south is the different wild life. Along the side of Indiana roads you see deer, raccoon, and that kind of stuff. Today we seen a few dead deer but then an armadillo!! What a cute little creature. We ate at Lulu's for lunch. She is Jimmy Buffet's sister. It was a very nice restaurant. Then we thought it might be best to wash the van real quick. Our blueish van was a nice shade of grey and white haha. All the snow and dirt we hit between here and home. We got the keys to our condo and found our way here. We are staying at a unit called Shorewater. Last time we stayed at Bluewater. This unit is a little smaller but will work just fine. All the matters is the ocean is outside haha. We ran out to the deck of course. Right off the beach into the water were about 20 dolphins playing. They were saying Hi Katie Welcome back. I LOVE dolphins. It was so neat to see them already. We unloaded everything. I found out instead of the paid internet they said I would have it is free wifi which is always nice. We went out to dinner and went to one of my fav restaurants down here called Live Bait. They have DELICIOUS crab legs. I ate way too much of course haha. Jeremiah ate like a pig too. Vacation is good on his appetite. Now we are back relaxing from the trip here. Mom did fantastic driving! We only had the issue in Nashville really. No other problems. Now the fun can really start. We already found two shells. The weather is getting warmer every day according to the forecast so we are really ready for a nice time.


  1. Sounds like the perfect getaway Katie girl! I know you all will have a great time.

    I can't wait to be swimming with the dolphins in two weeks! lol

  2. How wonderful! Enjoy every minute!

  3. Glad you all made it safely! Have fun and bring some sunshine and warmth back with you!


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