Jun 13, 2011

A lot going on.

Wow a lot has been going on. Fred and me went on a trip for our 10th anniversary. We wanted to just escape somewhere. I found this perfect chalet in Gatlinburg, TN called Escape to a View. We had the most perfect time. I'm so lucky to have Fred in my life. He's my soul mate and I'm so much more in love with him today. If you are friends with me on facebook I have a bunch of photo's on there.

This past weekend we headed up to Hamilton they were having a city wide garage sale. Last year there was like 75 sales. This year there was only 40 so that was disappointing but we had a nice time. On the way up we seen along the road they had a monster truck show setup. So on the way back we stopped to see about it. It had started so we ran home to get Jeremiah and Fred. We had a blast. It was so funny cause we sure wasn't planning on the show. Here are some pictures from it.

Jeremiah was able to ride in one in the top picture. The bottom picture is hilarious. The tires are so huge that they can float. So they went out onto the lake and floated. It was so neat. There was 6 and the people running the show said that broke a record for them. One of the trucks had 8 HUGE tires on it. We really enjoyed the show.

Yesterday we did a ton of outdoor work. We uncovered our pool. When we started we noticed that the cover was full of tadpoles. So I grabbed a few to bring inside. Hopefully we'll get to watch them change. We put down a bunch of mulch, cut down some dead limbs, mowed, trimmed, etc etc haha. Jeremiah drove the mower to the pull the wagon for the first time by himself. Most the time he wants to sit on someone's lap but he did it all on his own.

This coming weekend we get to go camping again. Some of my family and us are going down to Friendship Indiana. They have a HUGE flea market thing down there. We are really looking forward to it. I was younger than Jeremiah last time I went. Well at least I stole some time to update. I'm sure I missed a bunch of things that have been going on.

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