Aug 15, 2011

A lot going on.

This about sums it up haha. Wow what a ride the last few weeks have been. Let's see if I can explain it all.

In April I went to the ER (of course $700 for that!). The doc didn't really know what was going on but blamed it on a bladder infection. Called my doctor to follow up. Had to wait till July to go see her. We did a bunch of tests and what not. Had a few tests come back with what could be bad news so more tests. Found out no cancer but no real answers either. Just what I didn't have. During this time I had two more "attacks" like the night I went to the ER. August starts I have another bad "attack" so mom takes me the ER. (Can't wait for that bill included a CT Scan) This time don't really find answers but hint at getting my gall bladder looked at. Call doctor and she rushes an Ultrasound. Yep find out my gall bladder needs out and quickly. Schedule surgery. Surgery over. Healing starts.

Eating a snack that I finally feel up to eating and SHATTER a back tooth. Great! I HATE dentists. Wake up next morning to jaw pain. Call Dentist Schedule Appointment. Go in to the dentist to find out I have a MAJOR infection in my jaw and gums. Tooth will come out but not till we get infection under control.

So now the waiting continues to get the tooth out. I get it pulled Wednesday. I just can't believe everything that hit all at once. Of course the back to school bills are at the same time. Oh well I keep looking at the positives....At least they found something to explain the pain. I can pay the minimums which so far aren't killing me. I'm so lucky to have my family. I've been so taken care of and loved and the messages from my friends just make me smile. How can I be sad with friends like what I have? So I'm taking one day at a time and I will make it through this. It could always be a hell of a lot worse!!!


  1. maybe this one will let me leave a comment...
    you have been thru a lot, but so thankful you are recovering from all of the pain & have gotten answers as to WHY you were in pain....
    they will be happy with payments....they should be thankful people are willing to make payments!
    still waiting on CT scan results from 8 weeks ago here....from a SPECIALIST!!! yes, specialist in taking your money & not getting your results!!!!(seeing the family doc. instead!)
    hope the procedure Wed. goes well.

  2. Katie,

    I feel bad that they didn't diagnose you properly in that initial visit to the ER. That's terrible! At least you're doing better and on the mend.

    Good luck with your dental (surgery?). I'm sure that'll be a piece of cake compared to the gall bladder one.

    Take care, and take it easy.

  3. So happy that you have answers and are recovering. Take care and take time to properly recover. So lovely that you have the friends and family that you do it will help you through it quicker.


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