Sep 19, 2011

Where is time going??

Wow. I'm not saying Sorry....Okay I'm sorry for not updating. We started school and then my busy season started. I blinked and missed a WHOLE lot of weeks. I might find time in November! School is going fantastic! Jeremiah is working hard. 8th grade is going smoothly. If you follow me on facebook you can follow a lot more about me of course. I made a promise to Jeremiah this year that we would do a craft once a week. So far I've followed through. 3 weeks down and 3 crafts down. We did a painted sun catcher, a beaded ship sun catcher, an awesome flag project out of sticks. Today we just did our 4th week one which is a mosaic dragon picture.

Camping season has started. We went to the Geocaching Fall Picnic. Jeremiah had a BLAST! I'm so lucky to have the friends I have in my life. What I can't imagine is life without geocaching. It's brought so many fantastic people into my life. This coming weekend we have another camping adventure. Following that is camping with my dad. Then we are having friends over to our house for a camping in the yard adventure. Then I'm leaving for Myrtle Beach. I'm attending the PALs retreat for my first time. Plus we extended the time there and made it our family vacation. Fred doesn't get to come but he understands. No extra vacation time to do everything. I swear I wish he had a few months worth of vacation time then it might work haha. When I get back from that vacation I have a few days till I leave for my local stitching retreat. See why I said I'm busy? In the middle days I have a house to take care of and a son to home school. LOL

Here is what we did this weekend

We took down several trees that just weren't healthy anymore. 3 pine trees, 3 large trees, several dead branches, and who knows what else. We have a ton of wood for our party now haha. It was A LOT of work! Jeremiah loved it cause he was in charge of the mower and taking loads to the brush pile. My arms hurt so bad from throwing and picking up limbs.

Sunday Fred went to a radio fox hunt. I'm so glad he loves his hobby. He had a great time. I forced myself to stay off the computer and watch old TV shows on the DVR. By the way I have no idea how I survived without a DVR in the past!! OHHH I also forgot to tell you our TV broke!! So we looked into fixing it and found out it was just $30 more to fix another TV we had. This one is HD and OMG How did I live with the old TV??? So now I got to watch my HD shows in ACTUAL HD. It's a HUGE difference. So I sat down and caught up on a bunch of stuff cause the new tv season is starting soon and you know I'm a TV ADDICT!! So anyway this translates into a lot of stitching time too. Here is the progress on my HAED Pirate Dragon.

I finished page 7!!! I only have 8 which is really a half page and then 9 which is a little page!! The end is so near. I can't believe it! Of course it will take me forever to do the rest of the little bit left haha. I'm dying to have a HAED finished though! I have another one in WIP stage that I would love to finish but it's a Yeah Right Katie in 50 years kind of project. Plus I broke down and bought another one that I will never finish!!! LOL I'm totally insane!


  1. Wow, you really have been busy! Have fun with all your camping adventures! The dragon is looking really good!! And what is the other project?


    I think you seen this one on the group we are in together. Anyway this is the other one I bought.

  3. You will have so much fun at PALS. I have gone for many years but can't this year. I also made it a family vacation quite a few times. Have fun!!

  4. Your stitching looks amazing! Hard to believe that J. is in 8th grade!


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