Jan 2, 2012

Another Great Day

Wow the 2nd of January already. Guess this year is going to go by fast just like all the other ones. The NaBloPoMo for today is What did you do on New Years? I already answered. LOL I must be physic. We watched movies and was totally lazy. I did get a lot of x's in though.

I got about 1,500 stitches into my HAED Dragon Lady. I really enjoy working on this piece. I can't wait to get to something other than this corner haha. The one big problem with being more involved in the stitching blog community is I see a million more pieces out there I wish I was stitching haha. I swear I'm going insane from having too many options.

Today we watched the Rose Bowl Parade. I always love seeing what they come up with for the floats. Today was no disappointment. If you watched it my favorite was the surfing dogs of course. We spoiled ourselves with Olive Garden take out for dinner. It was delicious as always. Fred and I watched some stuff off the DVR. All the new shows will be starting up soon so have to get it as empty as possible. We only have like 26 shows left. Not that long ago it was like 60! I can't imagine life without my DVR. Isn't that funny once we have technology we can't imagine what it was like before we had it? Tomorrow I gotta stop being lazy and get busy.


  1. Wow, 1500 stitches on a HAED! I'm lucky if I manage about 300 in a day, I'm such a slow HAED stitcher.
    We have something similar to a DVR in the UK and hubby and I couldn't live without it lol.

  2. Fantastic work on Dragon lady!! 1500 stitches is a LOT!
    I agree with you on the blog pieces! I'm constantly adding new ones to my "wish list!"

    Happy Stitching, Katie!



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