Jan 4, 2012

Building a House

No not a real house silly. I'm stitching a house. In my favorite yahoo group ESC (Every Stitch Counts) we are stitching a house a month. Karen the lovely lady who did my 12 Days of Christmas exchange has designed these lovely homes to stitch. This is January's. She has allowed us to make some changes so I tweaked the colors and a few little things. I started it this morning and am already close to being finished. Maybe tonite still have to see.

So today I finally stopped being mostly lazy haha. I unloaded the dish washer. Finally did some laundry. Of course there is at least 5 million loads left to do haha. I did some other odd and end chores that seems like they always multiply. When you turn around thinking you're done there are always more that needs done. Good enough to feel good about myself though. That's the best I can do.The tree is still up haha. Hopefully tomorrow it will go away finally. We keep joking about just leaving it up till next year.

Almost forgot today's NaBloPoMo Are you superstitious about beginnings? Anything you do to start out on the right foot? I guess I'm not. I make sure to plan some things to look forward to but other than that I don't really do anything special. I heard a lot of people eat cabbage to start the year out right. I'm glad I don't do that cause I don't like cabbage haha. Does it count that I fed some to my guinea pigs? LOL


  1. Wow--what great progress on your stitched house! Love the color changes =)

  2. Cute house! I like the colors. My house is yellow and white. Which I could cross stitch. I think I'm ADD cause I can't ever finish one even a little ornament.

    I'm a fellow NaBloPoMo-er

  3. Looking good. I get exhausted just watching all the stitching progress you make. Here I am, all proud I finished one itty bitty one...lol.


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