Feb 2, 2012

Temporary Stop to Hermit Life

For those who don't know me very well I'm a total hermit. I really don't like leaving my house. I would stay in my lazy pants and just relax life away if possible haha. So today I was forced decided there was enough stops I needed to make it worth leaving the house haha. First stop Pet store. Yep if I go outside I have to stop to spoil my pets haha. 2nd stop Hobby Lobby. When I kitted up all my To Do pieces I only needed a small amount of floss actually from what I already had on hand so quick stop to grab the 23 others I needed.

I also needed working copies of my To Do stack. I knew it would cost me a million dollars in ink cartridges to try and copy them at home. We have a FedEx Kinko's (of course today it was FedEx Office or something) so off I went to see about copies. It was a lot easier than I was worried it would be. I got them done in no time and off to the next stop.

Jeremiah (my 13 year old son) LOVES to read. The only downfall at all to this is he reads the MOST expensive books. When I was a kid we called these comic books but now they are called Graphic Novels. I think so they can charge more haha. Anyway we have a Half Price bookstore and I LOVE going there cause you can't beat the prices. Especially when some of these books can be $25 at the other stores. So he got some more books to add to his shelf. I even found one I couldn't pass up. If you have heard of Nightmare on Elm Street you've heard of Wes Craven. He is one of my favorite directions. Anyway he wrote a book. It's called Fountain Society. I walked away from it two times knowing I didn't need another book but kept going back. Jeremiah said Mom just get it otherwise you will be at home later going Shoot I should have got that book haha. So I got it. We stopped and had a quick lunch on the way home. Now it's time to return to lazy pants and relaxing hopefully for the whole weekend. Stay tuned I should have a finished Seahorse soon.


  1. You a hermit? LOL, every time I read your blog you're off doing something!

    I guess I never thought about going to a copy store for workcopies. You might want to consider getting a laser printer. I got one last year for about $69 and an extra toner cartridge was $49 on sale. One toner lasts me several years. It doesn't dry out like ink jet printers do. Of course, the downfall is that it's black and white printing only. Anyway... something to think about!

  2. I am so glad I am not the only hermit in this world! =) give me my needle and thread and stitchy projects any day over going out and about! LOL...you did good on your outting though!! Now go put those lazy pants back on and grab some stitching, you deserved it! LOL

  3. I love being hermit. If I didn't have to go and get that darn paycheck, I would happily stay at home!


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