Feb 13, 2012

Where did I go?

I did my WIPocalypse update and then unplugged pretty much. I decided to spend time stitching instead. We are doing a House SAL in ESC my favorite yahoo group. One of the lovely members is designing these beautiful houses to stitch each month. Here is my February one all finished. I love these little designs cause it's fun to change up the colors to whatever screams use me.

I also started Another Day in Paradise. I LOVE the bright colors in this piece. I have nicknamed it Outhouses cause they look like outhouses. My mom keeps yelling at me cause they are beach houses not outhouses haha. She picked out this piece for me to do for her. She just LOVES the beach and everything about it.

This weekend was so nice and relaxing. There was a geocaching get together Saturday but I just didn't feel like going out. So Fred (hubby) went without me. Then he had a few errands to run one which was get me Breaking Dawn on DVD. I can't believe I didn't go see it at the theater with as much as I love these movies but I missed it. So he got me the DVD and then we watched it. I can't believe how it ended and the worst part is the next part isn't going to be released until NOVEMBER!!! That's just not okay!!! haha. We also found out they were having a marathon on AMC of the Walking Dead Season 2. Now for those who don't know I'm a MAJOR horror movie person including anything zombie. Somehow this series snuck by me until I heard people talking about it before Christmas. So I got the first season on DVD. It was fantastic. So we spent a lot of time this weekend catching up. I really love this show. Sunday Fred had a radio event. He's involved in Amateur Radio. I'm just happy he has a hobby that he enjoys so I got to relax and stitch and he got to enjoy his hobby. Plus Sci Fi was having scary movies all Sunday so I was majorly happy haha.

I'll leave you with a picture of where I am on the Another Day in Paradise piece...


  1. Cute projects, Katie! Very cute indeed.

  2. Hi

    Just stopped by your blog.

    Lovely projects - very sweet.

  3. I LOVE the houses!!!! they are so cute!


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