Mar 27, 2012

Great Weekend

On Saturday we hit the road to go play with friends. I know I've talked about this before but I have the world's best friends. Only bad part is they live almost 3 hours away. So we have to plan to get together. We always try to get together once a month. This month everyone seemed busy so we said we would just get together just the four of us. Amber is in the above pic with me. She's my closest girl friend by far. This past few years we have really passed friendship and become family. Daryl is another of my closest friends. We love geocaching and the weather was perfect. It was mild and gorgeous. They took us around Chesterton, IN and we grabbed 31 caches. It was a wonderful day to say the least.

I took a ton of pictures but this one really makes me laugh. We got shirts at a camping get together we have in July. It's our largest camping party of the year. Anyway this past year our shirts said Area 51 Lifeguards. So of course we were allowed to get this picture. This is my lovely hubby and myself. Behind us is Lake Michigan but you can't see it cause the amazing thick fog that came in. We just had to go see for ourselves what the lake looked like in the fog. It was worth it. You had to walk right down to it pretty much to even see it.

I can't even say in words how much fun we had. I'm just speechless when it comes to explaining how much I love my friends. I just can't stop smiling from all the fun times we've had and then I get extra excited cause I know it's not over. We have a whole lot of fun to look forward to in the coming months and farther.


  1. What a happy blog post to read! Good for you for having great friends and staying active with them!

  2. so nice to have good friends that you know they always be there for you! Yours are extra fabulous!!!lol

  3. Great friends are a treasure. Glad you were able to enjoy the day.

  4. Thank goodness for besties! :) Love hearing about your great time...don't we all deserve those!?

  5. Hey...I finally got a free second to read your blog! I'm so glad I have you and your family as friends. Thanks so much for coming up to visit! See you in a few weeks back at Pokagon!


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