May 1, 2012

First Camping Trip of the Year

What a blur of a great time. We got to the campground Friday with my Dad and Step Mom at about 1:30pm. We got all setup and within a few minutes the friends started to arrive. We had 20 total camping and 7 campsites. The only other people in the campground were RV's. Well we did see one other tent but he tore down and left. The forecast made it look like a horrible camping trip but we had space heaters and the perfect setup. Since we have camped my whole life and my father long before me we know how to camp. We had pouring rain, sleet, wind, and very cold temps but we stayed warm and had a blast. Of course the weather when we were tearing everything down was perfect haha. Here are some pictures to share with you.

This is our tent. The tent is huge and then we put up a canopy so when it's raining we can ALL set under it. It works perfect. Also it really holds the heat inside the tent when you need it. The kids all piled inside and had toys thrown EVERYWHERE haha.

My Step Mom and Dad came along which meant we ate better than we would at a restaurant. This is one meal we had. Yummy!! (By the way that's my hubby Fred for those who don't know.)

My step mom's sister in law does cake designing. She has made the last several of Jeremiah's birthday cakes. My idea for this year was camping tent cake since we would be camping. How perfect is this cake?? I love it. The detail blew my mind.

It was a wonderful fantastic marvelous time. Now for the bad parts...

When we went to hook up to come home we found out we had no brakes on the truck. The brake line has broken. We quickly realized that our friends would be the ones to save our lives. We made phone calls and researched insurance towing options. Amber (my dearest friend) had gold AAA which meant we could get a free tow all the way back to Fort Wayne which was the best option cause the truck would be at a shop we trust. Another friend offered to pull the trailer home. Yet another friend made room in his vehicle to give us a ride home. It brings tears to my eyes to know how much my friends care about us. When the tow truck got there the guy said he could tow the trailer too no problem. So that was all taken care of. We jumped in another friend's and started the trip home. Come to find out another friend when leaving hit a pole and dented his car badly. Plus Amber's battery was dead. Guess the campground just didn't want us to leave!!

When we got home we had to worry about getting the trailer from the shop to home. No problem another local friend came over immediately and moved  it home. We are so lucky to have our friends!! Even this bad news is hard to view as bad when the positive side of it is the amazing proof of the world's best friendships.

In other news my mother's aunt passed away which really is a blessing cause she has been in so much pain for 7 years. So yesterday I woke up early to attend the funeral. The service was beautiful. Last night we got mom and birthday cake since her birthday is today. I got Jeremiah a plate and he didn't eat it....Clue Number 1. Then he said he was cold.....Clue Number 2. Yep high fever and vomiting. Poor guy. It takes a lot out of him to camp and play so hard but he said it was worth every second!

Wow what a time. Now I have to rest and get ready to leave again. Thursday I leave for my local stitching retreat. Right now I'm so disorganized and exhausted I can't be excited. I'm sure I will get excited tomorrow though.


  1. We had a blast, despite the final events of the departure! Glad I could help out, and that AAA came through for us in this situation! Looking forward to the next trip already!

  2. That looks like such a fun camping trip, sorry it ended so roughly! The b-day cake is just perfect. Happy birthday Jeremiah!

  3. In spite of all of the mishaps and Jeremiah not feeling well afterwards, it looks like fun was had by all. Nothings better than having good friends.

  4. It sounds like you had a great time and have wonderful friends to help out when needed. Have fun at your stitching retreat!


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