Jun 20, 2012

A Great Day

Today we decided on not one but two tours. Guess what it even didn't rain this time. One of the tours was a really neat trolley...

It picked us up right by our hotel. It was a 2 and a half hour tour and we enjoyed it very much. The guy who drove gave a lot of history of the areas we stopped at and it was very interesting. He took us around Mackinac City and then over the bridge to St Ignace and a few other stops. Jeremiah loved the trip across the bridge. We've been up here before but this time he is old enough to remember. We stopped at one neat little Indian museum and I bought a neat handmade turtle that was made from pipe stone.

When we got back we ran to Cheboygan cause they had a Walgreens for mom to pick up some medicine. We also found a Big Boy and had a yummy lunch. We came back and got tickets for a boat tour that was going out at 5pm.

It was a lobster boat and the guy sold it and now it's a tour boat. He named it after his first wife so it's kinda funny that it's named Ugly Anne haha. The one problem was getting on the boat cause it was a ladder down to the boat. Jeremiah did fantastic and we got on no problem. It was a 1 hour tour that took us out under the bridge and had a really neat video and audio about the bridge and the area. It was really neat to see the bottom of the cars going over the bridge since there is a long stretch of the bridge that is open metal grate.

So two tours and no rain can you believe it? LOL The only downfall to today's weather is it was HOT HOT HOT! We ate dinner and I couldn't wait to get back to our air conditioned room. Tomorrow it's supposed to cool down a lot which will be very nice.


  1. Horray for no rain! it looks like it was another fun day for you!

  2. Hope you guys emjoyed it, that looks like FUN!


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