Jun 4, 2012

June WIPocalypse

Here is where to go to see my last WIPocalypse update if you want to. I LOVE doing this WIPocalypse cause you can sure see how much progress you've made with your stitching. Even though I'm extremely busy I'm getting to take time out and do a hobby I love and that makes me very happy. So let's see what I've been stitching since May 5th.

I only did a little bit since the last update. Here she was...

 Here she is today.
So I just put 200 stitches in to finish the column and started a bit of the next column. After I finish this column I will have finished the 2nd page for the design.

  • House SAL in ESC (Karen's Designs One Each Month)
I finished the May House with just a few days to spare. I'm just happy I'm staying caught up with these.

I started this for the IHSW in May. I got half of him done and then put him down for a bit. Here he is half a crab at least haha.

  •  Spring by The Cricket Collection
Here is where I was...
I've really been stitching on this one several days so here is where I am today...

I think I'm going to concentrate on this one now cause I'm so close to a finish.
Here is where I was for the April WIPocalypse update...

In the time since then this one was finished!!! I even got it framed. My mom took off with it today and I wasn't able to grab a picture so I will add it to my finished page when I can. I really LOVED working on this piece. It's marked off my WIPocalypse page now.

 Looking back at this update I got a lot done. I'm enjoying this blog game so much. Thanks to Measi for setting this up. I appreciate these glimpses so much!!!


  1. What a fantastic WIPocalypse update, Katie! I love the Tribal Crab and Spring. Great finish on Another Day in Paradise! You've had a great stitchy month for sure!

  2. Awesome stitching, Katie! I really love the last one, and will miss seeing your progress updates.

  3. Love the SPRING! Cant wait to see your finish =)

  4. Love all your stitching Katie! You did get in lots of stitches. Spring looks great and I LOVE the crab!

  5. Wow, you've made great progress!!

  6. Cute projects, and it looks like you've made great progress! Don't you just love how the WIPocalypse keeps us focused?

  7. Everything looks great Katie. You got alot done on all of them. Of course, my favorite is Another Day in Paradise. I love Diane Arthur. She is my favorite designer.


  8. Everything is looking pretty good!!
    I did Spring last year and i'm doing Summer right now.
    I love all those little accents they put in the design.

    Those Beachhuts are stunning, really great colors.

    Hugs Yvon.

  9. You really have made a lot of progress, Katie. Great job!! I love your little finish too. It's awesome!!

  10. You have some awesome projects on the go for your WIPs :)

  11. You're making great progress!


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