Jun 30, 2012

Rules for Life

I started a new piece and added it to my WIPocalypse list. Another friend on a yahoo group stitched this and I just loved what it says. So I was forced to buy it haha. This piece is called Rule for Life by Kincavel Krosses.

I'm using Lime colored Jobelan evenweave and 986 which is a beautiful green DMC.

Yesterday we went down to visit my Grandma Faust. I mute my phone when I'm there and when we went to leave I noticed I had like 20 texts about severe weather. The sky was pitch black. It just started storming so we pulled over to wait it out. There were large branches down all around us. We hit the road and hubby texted me and asked if I was okay. So I called him to find out what he meant. Come to find out the storm hit bad at Fort Wayne. We were about 45 minutes south.

On the way home we saw the damage. 6 flipped over semi trucks. A 5th wheel camper was ripped from the truck pulling it and flipped over. Countless trees and signs were totally destroyed. One road was under construction and the storm picked up all the orange barrels and THREW them way way out into the fields off the road. We also saw a barn that had rolled several yards from where it was supposed to be. It was crazy. The news said at our local airport there was a recorded 91mph wind gust!!!

We had lost power but it was restored by the time we got home. There are thousands and thousands in my area without power and they are saying it won't be back on till Wednesday night!!! We didn't have much damage here at home. Our tomato plants were all laid down and a few things like hoses were flipped over but we were lucky.

How is everyone else?


  1. I hope you enjoy this chart as much as I did! Can't wait to see how your color combination turns out :)

  2. We had eighty some mile an hour gusts here, Katie. I'm in Cincinnati, so not far from you. I've still got power, but there are a lot of people without it. I've been praying that they get it back on quickly. I'm glad you're okay. That must have been scary. And what a lovely piece. I can't wait to see your colors.

  3. Wow! That sounds like crazy and dangerous weather! Nothing going on here in Southern California, cool in the 80s, sunny, blue skies. Thank goodness your worst damage was a flipped hose.


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