Jul 5, 2012

July WIPocalypse

Here is a look back to my June WIPocalypse. So I go down my WIPocalypse list and talk about each one I worked on since the last update which was June 4th. So here's a look at my stitching since then.
I only put a few days worth of work into this one during this span. I did finish the first two columns of page one though.
  • House SAL in ESC (Karen's Designs One Each Month)
I finished my June House. Proud of myself for keeping up so far with this SAL.

This one was marked off my list as a finish. I really enjoyed working on him.
  • Spring by The Cricket Collection
 Another one marked off my list as finished.
 Added this to my list this month and got a pretty good start on it.

I also stitched this block for a Round Robin I'm in. I didn't put the RR on my WIPocalypse list so it just gets to be bonus finish haha.

I took a few breaks this month and still got a lot done. That's why I love this WIPocalypse cause it really helps you to see what you've got done.


  1. Great progress, Katie! Congrats on so many finishes this month. I love your Tribal Crab and Spring. The RR looks really cute!

  2. Congratulations on the finishes. I love the crab and Spring. Wonderful!

  3. HOLY MOLY!!! Girl! Look at you and all your progress!! Congratulations on your finishes...your stitching is so beautiful!

  4. You've been busy! congrats on the finishes

  5. Congrats on both the finishes and the progress. I think my fave project is Rules for Life. I may have to add that to my stash someday. You did a great job this month!!

  6. Congrats on the finishes and progress. The blue crab looks very cute!

  7. You've been a busy lady this month! All your stitching looks great, Katie.


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