Aug 15, 2012

Shopping Fun

My new HAED is finally completely kitted up. I ran to Joann's and got the few threads I didn't have on hand. Also got some new size 28 needles. In the check out I noticed they had two copies of the Just Cross Stitch special Halloween issue...

After everyone has been talking about it I of course had to have it haha.

Then I went to my LNS. I bought a beautiful opalescent pinkish fabric for the HAED Hope. Of course I can't get it to photograph and show up very well. I also scanned the new items and found...

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall from Ink Circles. Fred (hubby) saw this and thought it would be a neat piece to do for him. I got some brown material to stitch it on too. So now come Friday I will be able to put my first stitches in HAED Hope for the IHSW.


  1. Sounds like a fun trip I bought 99 recently such a cool pattern.

  2. Oh I love that 99 bottles pattern! Looking forward to seeing your IHSW progress!

  3. Really cute chart! Will have to get the JCS magazine too:)

    Mary Louise

  4. Sounds like a great shopping trip! I wish the color and shimmer of the fabric would show up better in photos. I have thought of doing 99, too.


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