Sep 10, 2012

Another Great Weekend

What a weekend. We headed down to Cloverdale, Indiana to Leiber State Park. It was a little over 3 hours southwest from home. Fred took the day off Friday and we hit the road about 9:30am. We were a little worried cause the predicted weather for the day sounded horrible. Possible tornadoes and everything. Well we get the alert of a severe thunderstorm watch just as we get ready to setup. We decided the sky looked like it would wait so we would go ahead and get everything up and try to get it tied down enough to survive the storm. It didn't do anything until about 8:30 at night. Then we got a tornado warning for our county. Luckily Fred being a Ham radio operator he could get in touch with storm spotters in the area. They were watching from their homes and letting us know what was coming our way. We were worried cause they were saying 70+ mph wind, large hail, and flooding coming right at us. Plus possible tornadoes. Not really what you want coming at you in a tent! went pretty much right north of us. We did get probably 30mph wind and a lot of rain. Since my dad taught us how to setup "redneck" we didn't have any problems though. We were out of the rain and our tent didn't have one drop of rain in it. Even though just a few inches from our tarp there was a new pond of water!

This is our setup. We put this HUGE canopy over our tent and literally 15 people can sit under it and be dry. So even the weather didn't spoil our plans.

After this storm the weather was perfect. The humidity went away and the temps went down to low 70's it was perfect. I even got to wear a sweater and it felt wonderful! Jeremiah had a total blast and giggled and laughed the whole weekend with his friends.

I even put in some stitches. I've been working on a Halloween piece for PALs retreat. Here is my progress so far...

It's going to be a witch in a moon. I decided to do it over one and I just love how it's turning out.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! You should have told me you were camping at Lieber! That's only like 20 minutes from me - I could have stopped by! :-) Love that state park!

    I'm glad the weather wasn't any worse, too!

  2. That is quite a setup for camping! Love your witch in a moon :)

  3. "setting up redneck"....I LOVE that! :)

    So happy the bad weather went past you and you all had a blast!!

    Love the Halloween piece you started...and I just caught your last post on your HOPE progress...dang you're flying on that one!

  4. Glad you didn't get washed away with the wind and rain, Katie! What a set up you have there.

  5. Looks like another fun trip, glad the storms stayed away.

  6. Sounds like it was a great trip. :D


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