Sep 17, 2012

September IHSW

Well I decided my "have to" stitches could wait a few days. My poor HAED Hold on to Hope was just screaming too loud.
 So Friday I devoted to her.

Saturday I met up with a friend and we went to a LNS for a stitch get together. There was probably 15 of us. I didn't even pack my poor Hope just so she wouldn't force me to stitch on her haha. I worked on one of my "have to" pieces. It's going to be a biscornu. Here is how much I got done in the middle of visiting and shopping.
I bought the rest of the things I needed for a gift bag exchange at the PALs retreat. I also bought one chart for myself...
It's from a company called Rovaris. I just love the saying. I also bought some Pearl Grey evenweave to stitch it on.

Since I had worked on my "had to" piece on Saturday Hope screamed I could stitch on her on Sunday and I did. I just LOVE working on her. The picture I posted of her is after the two days of stitching on her. Now I told her she has to wait till I finish my other pieces. She is upset but hopefully she'll forgive me.

Also yesterday was TUSAL here is my little pile of orts....

All those beautiful yellows are from Hope of course.


  1. Nice progress, Katie. I love your little froggy ort jar. So cute!

    I forgot about TUSAL until this morning, so I'll have to do that post later.

  2. Girl..your needle is so FAST! Look how far you are on your HAED and your "have to" work!

    Beautiful ORTies! :)

  3. Great progress on both pieces Katie. I love the new chart you bought.


  4. Hello

    I'm new to your blog.

    Your Hope project is gorgeous!

    I love your little vase with the frog on and your TUSAL is very pretty!

  5. You made good progress on both pieces - I'd call that a good IHSW! Cute ort jar.

  6. I love your progress. I'm still trying to work up the nerve to attempt my first HAED.

  7. What a great new chart -- and your stitching is looking super. Hope is so pretty.

  8. When those HAEDs call there is no ignoring them!

  9. I love how you talk about Hope screaming at you for attention! And you were so sly not to bring her with you to your stitching get-together! LOL.

  10. You had a fantastic weekend of hermitting! Your HAEd is looking great!!

  11. WIPs look great, Katie. :D Love your new chart and that ORT jar is such a laugh!!! :D


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