Oct 31, 2012

PALs Retreat

I didn't take near as many photos of PALs as I would have liked to. I just have too much fun visiting and stitching to remember to use my camera haha.

These are the exchanges I received. Wait the Halloween ornament has a flip side...
How cute is that?!?! The Treasure Family Christmas ornament a friend of mine got and we traded. Our geocaching name is Treasure Hunting Family so how perfect that I just had to have this ornament. Plus I really treasure my family. So I was so glad we could trade for it. The PALs Cube is just adorable. I love it! She also included the little ort holder. The fabric with the flip flops is on the back of the cube too. I loved my exchanges and was so thankful for each one.

This was all the freebies I ended up coming home with. Like I need more...but wait....

I even purchased more. What was I thinking haha. Like I don't already have enough for 15 more lifetimes.

Overall the retreat was fantastic. There was 98 in attendance. I got to know some ladies better than I already did and got to know several new people. It's so much fun to walk around and see what people are stitching on and how we all love the same hobby and yet do things so different. I'm already hoping to attend next year.

After 3 updates today I think I'm finally caught up on everything I wanted to blog about haha. I put it off too long but I've been doing laundry and relaxing that back from vacation type of stuff. One last thing to say...


  1. Happy Halloween, Katie!

    Glad you had a good time at the Pals retreat. I'll have to get myself to one of those.

  2. What a wonderful stash haul! I'd love to go to a stitchy retreat some day. Your Happy Halloween pic would be a great cross stitch design!

  3. sounds like wonderful retreat :D

  4. Katie,

    I am really hoping to make it in 2013; this year I actually had reservations! Had to cancel because of Butch's surgery. I am praying for a healthier year for both of us!

    Missed you gals!


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