Dec 7, 2012


So for a long time at least 10 years or something like that we've had Verizon DSL internet. Then Verizon left our area and we changed to Frontier. Still no problems. Then since October we've been having connection issues with our landline phone dropping. So when I called to find out more they said Blah Blah old line Blah Blah. It's not my fault I'm on an old line. So anyway now they have FiOS. Way back when it first came into town it was alot more expensive....not now. Now it's actually cheaper than what we were already paying. Go figure. So I started the process of getting switched October. After nothing but trouble guess what? Today it finally got hooked up! So now our internet and phone service is a TON better and cheaper to boot haha.

So with being off and on I've not posted much. I did some stitching on the Christmas freebie I posted. Then I started working on another Christmas piece. Mostly I've been worrying and stressing over how QUICK Christmas is coming. Then I remembered I am the luckiest person alive to just be alive and have my wonderful family and my amazing friends. So I took some deep breathes and I'm taking one step at a time.

This weekend will be full of shopping. I'm actually looking forward to it. Then I can get it all wrapped and get ready for the happiness Christmas morning will bring. I love the giving and of course receiving of gifts. I can't wait to make my son smile.

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  1. Hmmm... I may have to check into Frontier. I've been with a local internet company for over 15 years and I've not been happy with them since I moved to The Homestead.


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