Jan 31, 2013

Paradise Extended

So I joked about how hard it would be to put Paradise down in my last post. Monday I didn't pick up any stitching cause nothing was screaming stitch me. I just kept looking over to Paradise and wishing I could stitch on it. So I jokingly sent Elaine and message and asked her if we could add Wednesday to our SAL. We both agreed cause we wanted to work on it. Tuesday there I sat again. Just wishing I could stitch on it again. So I sent Elaine another message this time saying maybe just maybe we should do Sunday through Wednesday instead.....Yep we both agreed. We are hooked. It felt great to pick it up again. Here is where I got after this extended SAL...
I LOVE working on this piece. Such bright colors and I just LOVE bright colors. Love that warm sun too. Now I think I might actually be able to put it down. Tomorrow if Feb (where did Jan go?!?!) so that means I need to work on my Christmas and Halloween SALs. Here is what I picked out...
The theme for Feb for the Halloween SAL was Black Cats. I found this piece in the 2010 Just Cross Stitch Halloween issue. Page 27 from Ink Circle called By the Full Moon.
The theme for Feb for the Christmas SAL was Reindeer or Candy Canes. I found this adorable little freebie deer at Gvello Stitch site. He's too cute not to stitch up.


  1. Hello

    Just found your blog.
    The Paradise wip is gorgeous, I can see why you wanted to keep stitching on it.
    Lovely ornament choices too.

  2. How fun to have a 4-day SAL! I love your ornie choices for February. Thanks for the link. I signed up at Gvello Stitch and am going to stock up on more freebies!

  3. Great Progress on Paradise Katie. I should get my chart Friday. Love your ornament choices.


  4. gorgeous stitching :) I love the progress on paradise.

  5. Nice stitching, Katie


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