Feb 7, 2013


I finished my Halloween ornament and was ready to start my Christmas ornament. I ended up sitting all day Saturday staring at Paradise and waiting for Sunday. I kept wanting to update with my Halloween ornament finish but didn't get around to it cause hubby and me spent the weekend watching American Horror Story Season 1 on DVD. It was fantastic. After falling in love with the 2nd season I knew I needed to watch the 1st one. Anyway then Sunday came and it meant Paradise could come out to play. Guess what?!?!? Next thing I knew it was today.

Working on this SAL makes me not want to leave my stitching area. Here is my progress as of today....
Here is Elaine's progress...
She probably got further along than this cause this was yesterday morning.

I can't say enough how much I love working on this piece. It just sucks up my life haha. Now that I have to wait till Sunday I will hopefully take time to breath and move haha. I can finish my Christmas ornament too. Hopefully it wants to be stitched this time around.


  1. Oh you're so funny, Katie! You really found a cross stitch piece that takes over your life! But what a good addiction it is. Now you can take a breath and get the Christmas ornament done, post both your ornies, and by then it will be Sunday again!

  2. You have both made great progress Katie. Oh how I want to start mine, but I'm being good (so Far) and waiting until I finish one more piece.


  3. Lovely to watch this take shape


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