Mar 22, 2013

My New Friend

Don't get jealous but I have a new friend! We have lovingly named her Octi. There are so many blogs I have found online and one is Chic Crafting. I always stop by to see what McKenna has been up to. Well she had this cute little octopus give away. I entered hoping and wishing I could give this little sweetie a home. Guess what?!?! I won!!!! I couldn't believe it. In today's mail came my new little friend. I love her so much! I showed her off and showed her around her new home. Thank you so much McKenna for being so kind as to offer her up for someone to love. I will keep her safe and hope she enjoys her new home.


  1. She's adorable! Congratulations!

  2. Oh you're so lucky, Katie! Enjoy your new little octopus friend. McKenna is so talented!

  3. I'm sure Octi is happy in her new home, congratulations on winning her.

  4. Thanks for posting about it! I hope you enjoy her! :D



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