Mar 28, 2013


Yesterday was WIPocalypse but I still had stitching time on Paradise so I wanted to wait. It was a bad SAL for me this time. I didn't get many stitches in at all. That life just loves getting in the way.

At the last WIPocalypse here is where I was...
 Here is where I am now...
As you can tell I'm almost finished. Plus hopefully you can tell this has been my focus haha. I just LOVE working on this piece. Now I have to wait till Sunday. How will I survive? LOL

Here are the other things I worked on during the WIPocalypse time...

I finished my March Halloween and Christmas Ornaments. I also finished my piece on the last Round Robin. It's on the way back to it's owner.

Hope everyone that joined in the WIPocalypse is happy with their progress. See ya next time!


  1. The RR and the ornaments are nice but I love all the color on Paradise and you really got a lot done this past month.

  2. Great progress on Paradise this month Katie. I'm going to miss your updates on it. Great stitching on all the other pieces.


  3. Oh how tempting to keep on stitching when you only have one letter left! This has been a beautiful project to watch. Those are great ornies, too!

  4. Great progress. It is an awesome pattern:)

  5. Paradise is looking amazing. Your ornaments are very cute and the RR is lovely.


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