Apr 17, 2013

April Ornament Picks

I finally picked out my Christmas and Halloween ornaments for this month. Here they are...

This is a freebie I had printed out a long time ago. Here is where you go for the pattern.
This guy is too cute and just had to be stitched. He is from the Just Cross Stitch 2012 Halloween Issue. I might work on these for the upcoming IHSW. If you want info on the IHSW it's in the sidebar on the right. Fred has a busy weekend ahead which should mean a lot of stitching time for me.


  1. Great choices Katie. Are you joining on Bothy Threads cut thru SAL? Sure hope so.


  2. Cute ornament choices! I was just thinking about my ornament for this month today. It will be a freebie that I started last year.


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