Apr 28, 2013

First Camping Trip

We got home today from our first camping trip of the year. I realized today when packing that I forgot to take one single photo! Which is hard to believe cause we take a lot of photos normally. Seriously I was just so excited to relax and stare at the fire and enjoy friends that I forgot the camera was in the truck. The weather was perfect Friday and Saturday. Our tent heater worked perfect for both nights so we didn't get cold at all. The food my Step Mom and Dad made was delicious. Early this morning it rained hard and made everything all muddy but it stopped so we could pack everything without being too wet.

In our group we had 13 people camping. We also had 6 others just stop and visit throughout the time. It was wonderful. My dad told stories and was laughing and having a blast. My mom came up and brought a birthday cake for Jeremiah. My friends were great and everyone got along wonderful. I sit here and a memory pops into my mind and I just smile. I'm so lucky!

I still can't believe my son turned 15 though!!! This was his birthday camping trip. Now to wait till the 2 more camping trips in May. Is it time yet??


  1. Sounds like you took pictures with your heart, for your eyes only. Happy Birthday to Jeremiah.

  2. We camp twice a year with friends, they are always great fun. Happy Birthday to Jeremiah.


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