May 31, 2013

Way Late Update

I have been meaning to update for awhile now. I didn't get a single x in during the IHSW. When I got home I hurried to kit up my Halloween and Christmas Ornament though. Then I realized I missed WIPocalypse. So here is my huge update!!

The theme for the Halloween SAL was Ghosts. I found this cute project in the Nov 98 Leisure Arts magazine.
This is what I picked out for the Christmas SAL. It's from the 2010 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue. I decided to do it over one so it took forever but I really love how it turned out.
Since the last WIPocalypse I've worked on 99 by Imaginating. I have the first two shelves finished. 22 bottles of beer on the fabric....*singing* haha.
I also got quite a bit done on page 5 of Hold on to Hope. Just the few stitches there toward the bottom to fill in.

The last post I was talking about camping. We had a blast. Then the following weekend we had another holiday weekend camping trip and it was so much fun too. I love camping and I love my friends. I've just been one smiling girl. My life is great just busy. So hopefully I'll actually remember to update now.


  1. Beautiful stitching on all of your projects. Glad you enjoyed your camping trips.

  2. I love your ornaments. 99 bottles is coming along great! Hope is beautiful!!

  3. Great progress and congrats on the finishes. Is 99 Bottles by Imaginating or Ink Circles.?


  4. You enabler! I just went and brought the last one after seeing it:)

  5. Congrats on your finishes, Katie. Your WIPs are coming along great.

  6. Lovely stitching, you are doing really well keeping up with your ornaments.

  7. Two more great ornaments! Hope looks really nice. I'm starting "99" in July in a SAL with a bunch of other stitchers, too!


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