Jun 8, 2013

On the Road Again

Yesterday we hit the road again. Off on another adventure. Mom has always wanted to visit Door County, Wisconsin. They have the most lighthouses in one county in the US. So we made plans to head there. We didn't want to drive through Chicago...we wanted to enjoy our trip so north we went...
We were just up here in Mackinaw last year but any chance to visit the area is worth it. So we decided to stay up here two nights. Then we will head over through U.P. to get to Door County. Our hotel is in Sturgeon Bay, WI. We will have about little over 5 hour drive tomorrow.

We got up here with no problems yesterday. Just a nice drive. We picked a different hotel and this one is really nice. We like it a lot. Best part is the bridge is RIGHT out our window. We got lucky. We even got to watch a huge freighter go past last night. We ate dinner at a great pizza place that we really liked last year. Then we came back to the hotel to relax.

Today we went across the bridge and headed east. There was a little town called De Tour that we wanted to check out. The little town was just that little and we were joking about at least it was a gorgeous trip over there. Not a total waste. Then we saw this little boat museum and decided to turn around to check it out. We had a blast. There was 2 little older ladies working there and they explained so much information to us. We also went into the wood shop where the guys are building canoes and it was so fascinating to see. It was a total accident we found such a fun little stop. We went to a fantastic Italian restaurant we couldn't wait to eat at again and it was delicious. We did a little shopping and now we are back at the hotel. What a wonderful day. We really needed this relaxing trip. We did get to see several light houses today. One that mom had never saw before. She thinks she will see 32 new to her light houses on this trip. Unfortunately the new one we saw today was too far out in the water to get a picture of. Oh well. We'll remember it.


  1. That is such a beautiful view of the bridge. Glad you are enjoying your trip.

  2. That sounds like a great vacation! So fun that you found the little museum you weren't even looking for, and a great restaurant too. Wow! You expect to see 32 lighthouses? That's amazing. I don't think I have ever seen one. Do they have them in California?

  3. Sounds like a great trip.


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