Jun 20, 2013

Rest of Vacation

Oops. I got so caught up in the fun of vacation I forgot to post. Let's see...

The trolley tour was a blast! Jeremiah and I told the guy we've done a lot of tours but we really think the driver made this one our favorite. We didn't take Jeremiah's wheelchair on board cause it's just easier. The driver wanted to make sure we didn't feel like we couldn't participate so he remembered all these benches along the route. So Jeremiah bench jumped. It was perfect and so helpful. The information and places we saw were fantastic. We got to see 4 different lighthouses and we really enjoyed the trip a lot. He also pointed out some restaurants to try and some not to try haha.

Then we did a lot of relaxing. I even pulled out some stitching to work on. Overall it was a very relaxing fun trip. We really enjoyed the area. I will try to add some pictures later. Sorry I dropped the ball and forgot to update haha.

On the way home we took the SS Badger...
It's a huge ferry boat that goes across Lake Michigan. We've been on some ferry boats before but never one this big! It was a 4 hour trip and we really enjoyed it a lot. That night we had a really bad experience with a hotel unfortunately. We were treated horrible and the room was filthy so we left and got another hotel. It's definitely something we won't forget. Now we are home safe and sound. Door County was a nice place. Probably one of those places we won't go back though.


  1. Sounds like your tour guide enjoys his job. I am so glad you had a great trip. Pity your hotel was so bad but at least you found a better one.

  2. The tour guide deserves a 5-star review from you! How nice to plan for all the bench stops for Jeremiah. Thank goodness you didn't have to spend the night in a bad hotel and found a better one right away.


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