Jul 4, 2013

New Toys and Week 3

Here is my week 3 progress...
Sad isn't it? Now let me explain why there wasn't much stitching going on.
We've been having Christmas in July. We have a big trip coming up. We are driving to California. It's an opportunity that doesn't come around that often. We are taking like 6 weeks and have so many amazing things we plan on doing. So long story a little shorter my mom has been in love with her Samsung Galaxy tablet that she got for Christmas last year. She kept asking me why don't I have one. I've been using my Ipod Touch and it does everything I need it to do. Of course I wanted a tablet but why get a replacement for something that works? Well I got to thinking and she was totally right it would be so nice to have. So mom said she would get me one for the Christmas coming up. Then we knew it is one of those things that would be nice to have while on the road traveling. So we moved up Christmas a bit haha. The one I got is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. Jeremiah got a 7 inch one and he's so excited. He was kind of wanting an Ipod Touch and we saw the price and just couldn't pass up getting him his own tablet instead. Fred also got one early cause it wasn't fair for us to have them and him be left out haha. We are so spoiled. But I totally appreciate it so much.

Then Fred and I talked about getting a new camera. We've had a Kodak camera for 5 years. It's a great camera but we've been wishing it would quit working so we could get a new one haha. The screen on the back is like 1 inch and it's so hard to see what you are taking a picture of. Again with the trip coming up it rushed our decision. I want to make sure I get great quality pictures of the things we are going to be doing.

So shopping we went...
After a lot of research we settled on one. (What a job!) This is a Samsung WB100. It was only $159 from Walmart.com and does everything we were hoping it would do. The screen on the back is HUGE and it takes HD pictures and video. It also has a feature to do panoramic photos. That will be so nice. We've played with it a little bit and I'm shocked by how nice the photos are. I was used to having to lighten the photos of my stitching. The top photo is my new camera and I didn't have to do anything to it. I'm really happy. We have a few other goodies coming like cases for our tablets, cords, and new bigger SD cards for the new camera coming too. So lots has been done but not stitching. Hopefully next week my SAL progress will be better.


  1. Great progress Katie. I live in Jackson Ca. If your close by on your trip come by and say hi.


  2. I'm glad you got all of the new toys for the road trip now I'll get a better view. I really enjoy going traveling with you:-)


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