Aug 19, 2013


Well it was the weirdest weekend but I still got some stitching time. I finished page 3 of FNF (Fright Night Friends). It's just so much fun to work on this piece. If you joined in the IHSW I hope you had a lot of those X's.

So it was time to upgrade our phones. We can get a new one every two had been 3. Our keyboards weren't working well at all anymore. Plus I haven't been able to wear my wedding ring (STUPID WEIGHT!) in probably 2 months so we wanted to see if we could get a new wedding ring for me. Off we go Saturday to hurry and get these few things done. Yeah right! It was like 8pm before I finally sat down again. Verizon gave us nothing but problems with getting my new phone. We decided to order online. Fred ordered his....wouldn't work for mine. Guess what we found out. They sold out of the one we wanted!?!?! So back to the store Sunday to buy my phone. Verizon still wouldn't sell it to us. Cheaper to go here blah blah. If I'm standing here asking to buy a phone don't send me somewhere else. I guess since we didn't want a smart phone we weren't important enough for service. So finally we said fine we would just go to Best Buy. We walked in there and they helped us right away. After probably 2 hours total at Verizon we had the new phone and out in less than 30 minutes. Guess I know where we are going next time.

I did get my new ring. It's a pain to get a picture of haha. Here is a not so great one though...
I'm a basic kind of girl and this is a basic kind of ring but I love it. It feels so great to be able to wear my ring again. I told Fred (hubby) it feels great to feel married again haha. So I didn't get the weekend I had in my mind but it was still a successful weekend. Now to get everything I want done before next Monday when we leave for vacation.


  1. Great progress. Your ring is beautiful:)

  2. In spite of everything I think you made some great progress and I love your ring. Elegant.

  3. Congrats on the new ring! Love your Halloween piece!

  4. Great progress on stitching and everything else! Love the new ring.

  5. I love the pattern on the ring. It's beautiful Katie. Congrats on being married (again), lol. Glad you finally got your new phone. Did you have to go back to Verizon and activate it, or could they do it at Best Buy? (Just an aside, LOVE Best Buy. It's my goto store for electronics and more.) I sincerely hope you're doing well otherwise. I'm on break this week and am trying to catch up, a little... (and I actually blogged too. I think Hell hath frozen over, lol.) Wishing you well!!

  6. Great progress on Fright Night Friends! How nice to have a ring to wear. My fingers have been empty for almost 20 years. LOL


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