Sep 19, 2013

Day # 25

Today we went to Downtown Disney. They had shopping and restaurants. There is also the most important store ever...
Not only is it my favorite store....there was a dragon made of Legos on the roof. Yes please I want one! LOL So a little back story. I love Legos. My son not so much any more. But I love them. So I always act like he wants them and then I have an excuse to buy them...Understand the theory? I just LOVE building them. I should just walk in the store hand them my wallet and walk away.

They also had a store called Ridemakerz. If you haven't heard of it picture a build a bear for boys. You build a car. It's really cool and they let the kids build the car. What a memory of our trip. Jeremiah had a blast. We also had a fantastic meal at Rainforest Cafe...Yum!! Then back to our hotel. We got all our extras packed up. Tomorrow we hit the road and head to Las Vegas. Can't wait to show Jeremiah and Mom Vegas. Of course it's been more than 10 years since I've been there so I'm sure a lot has changed.

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  1. Oh my son would love that shop! He always visits the lego shop near my in laws when he goes to stay. I hate to think how much lego we have in our house!!


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