Nov 7, 2013

Fright Night Friends Update

I'm finally making some good progress on the Halloween SAL Fright Night Friends. The witch took forever for some reason. She is finally done. Moving on down. Now I'm putting it down to work on Thankful Critters. I will be celebrating a finish soon.

Izzy update. She had a recheck yesterday. The vet said her scar tissue is building up great. She looks like she's doing wonderful. The stitches come out Tuesday. She just finally found them but only sniffs them and licks a little so the vet said that's totally normal. She is starting to apply more weight each day. I look forward to the time when she can jump onto the couch without pain again and of course come up and down the stairs.

Jeremiah has another dentist appointment today. They pushed back the work last time to get him more healing time. I really really hope it gets finished today and if it's not too much to ask I would LOVE for him not to get so sick this time. So please cross those fingers for him.


  1. Great progress Katie.


  2. Looks absolutly fantastic so far.
    Grit from Germany


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