Nov 1, 2013

Long Few Days

Well it's been a long few days. We started Jeremiah's home school year Tuesday. It took us a few minutes to knock the dust out but I fell in love with his new books even more. They were so educational but they were fun! I believe fun is important in learning and it sure shows with how much Jeremiah enjoyed it. Wednesday we took Izzy to the vet and dropped her off for her surgery. Then we headed out shopping. When we got home it was sure lonely without my little sweet puppy. I just love her so much. Thursday we did school again cause we had to pick Izzy up at 3pm.

When the clock finally allowed us to go get Izzy it was horrible. They had a HUGE cast on her little leg. Since she has short little legs they were having a hard time getting the cast to stay on. She was so very uncomfortable. Last night she didn't sleep but for a few minutes at a time. So this morning I noticed she was really getting some bruises around her cast area. I called the vet and asked if they would see her again. They got us right in. The vet took a quick look and said Oh my and cut the cast off. It was really not the right fit for her and was causing her a lot of pain. He then wrapped it all up with a new wrap to try this one. He gave the warning to watch her foot to see if I noticed any swelling. By the time we got back home her poor little foot was severely swollen. So back we went. Again with the comment Oh my and immediately cut it off again. This time we realized there is nothing that will fit perfect. So we settled with nothing covering. Here is a pic sorry if it's a little gross...
She is so much more comfortable now. She has been resting since we got home. They also gave her some new meds to keep her more sleepy and comfy so she stays off her leg as much as she can. My poor baby girl.


  1. Sending hugs and happy thoughts to you and Izzy.


  2. Hope she recovers quickly, Katie.


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