Dec 11, 2013

Been Playing

Since I had my finish yesterday I've been playing with my stash. I needed to organize my DMC. That took me all day yesterday for crying out loud. But they were finally all in order where they are supposed to be. Today I took the time to kit up 3 new pieces. I'm pretty happy that with all the floss I needed to kit up these I only need to buy 5 at the store. My stash must be getting better haha. Anyway here are the 3 pieces I kitted up...

I fell in love with another HAED (Heaven and Earth Design). I love this one so much! It's by one of my favorite artists Jim Warren. It's called Grow Together. I don't even know where to start on why this one is perfect for me.... Jeremiah gets around by holding on to my hand. He needs the assistance to walk into restaurants and what not and this is a lot easier than unloading his wheelchair and taking it in. So he holds on and we walk in together. My hubby and I have really grown so much closer this past year. We reached out and took a hold of one another and pulled together through things. See so many reasons. So I just had to buy it when I saw it. I can't wait to start it.

This is Joan Elliott's Winter Fairy. I have all 4 seasons. I need to actually stitch them haha. I got them all last year I think. So this year I'm adding these beautiful season fairies to my Turtle Trot list. I figured I better start with the Winter one. I have just a few stitches into the Summer one I think.

I also kitted up the Christmas Snowfriends Banner by Stoney Creek. I did Paradise and Halloween might as well do Christmas too haha. As much fun as the other two have been I bet this one will be a blast too.

I love kitting up new projects. That fresh new start feel just feels so fantastic. Now they are all screaming stitch me!

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  1. I can not wait to your starts on these. I didn't care for the HAED personally but what you said made perfect sense on why you want to stitch it. What a great idea for you.


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