Dec 3, 2013

December TUSAL

Hey look it's a New Moon day which means TUSAL time and I'm actually posting on the right day!!! I know control the shock you all just had haha. I've been filling my jar all year. But then I found this adorable little clear plastic light bulb. So I thought I would see if my ORTs would fit and yep they did...

My whole year of ORTs fit perfect. Plus it's just simply too cute! I'm going to have to get more for my next years. I really enjoyed doing the TUSAL for my first year and I really hope she has it again next year. I have a feeling even if she didn't a bunch of us would do it anyway.

I need to get my blog all ready for the next year. Setup my next year WIPocalypse goal list. I also need to pick 10 projects for the Turtle Trot SAL. I've been playing with ideas in my head. I think this is my favorite time of year. I look through my stash and dream of what I could stitch next year. It's been a good year of stitching for me. Even though I did a lot of wonderful traveling. I still got a lot done.


  1. Cute ort container. I really need to update my blog. Haven't touched it in a couple of years.

  2. I love your ort bulb Katie. I bought a bunch of clear snowmen last year and some round ones and something!! else this year. I too am thinking about my Turtle Trot choices for next year and my 31 starts for January.



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