Nov 29, 2013

Turkey Day Finish

Just in time I have a finish to report...
Love this little guy. He's from the Summer 2011 Stoney Creek magazine. After flipping through the magazine I decided to subscribe too. I hardly ever find a design I like in magazines. I noticed in this one I would stitch at least 5 things. I'm going to try it for a year at least and see what I think. He was going to have a border but I really like it better without one. I finished him last night.

Also here is an update on the Fright Night Friends piece...
I finished the 4th page. Only 1 page to go. I really really want to finish this before the end of the year. Do you think I can make it??

We had a wonderful day yesterday. We really tried hard to make it a special day and we did just that. We had a delicious lunch and was miserable afterward of course haha. Then we all came to my living room and watched White House Down on DVD. It was a great movie very action like Die Hard type movie.. Then we watched Pacific Rim. It was really good too. Robot vs Aliens type of movie. It was a great day! Now we can start decorating and getting even more excited about Christmas!!!!!


  1. Turkey finish is cute. I think you can finish Fright Night as long as you keep on stitching away every chance you can.

  2. That turkey is adorable Katie. I have had a subscription to Stoney Creek since day one. They use to use tons of quarter stitches, but now they use a whole lot less. You won't be disappointed. Halloween is looking good.


  3. Such cute stitches! Glad to 'meet' you! I returned the follow.


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