Dec 26, 2013

Merry Christmas

Well it's the day after Christmas and this graphic is perfect for us. We were totally spoiled. We went down to my Dad and Step Mom's house on Monday. We watched movies and just had a good time. Tuesday we wake up and do presents with them. I got some stitching that my dad picked off my wishlist. We all loaded up and went over to my Dad's parents house. They are my last living grandparents and I appreciate them so much. My dad's side has a lot of problems but we pulled together and had a great time. It was a hard year losing two of our family. Normally we leave early and head over to my mom's side. Another loss this year. It was very hard for my mom but we made it special. So we came home and settled in for the night. Since we live with my mother we woke up and did Christmas together. It was perfect.

Jeremiah never asks for anything. He will just say Oh whatever I get is fine. If you want to get me that okay. So I always pick on him and tell him ASK FOR SOMETHING. So we were at a store and he said You know how you always tell me to ask for something....I want a boat motor. What?!? We don't own a boat. No reason to want a boat motor. So I've been picking on him that I was going to get him a boat motor cause he finally asked for something. So I called my dad before Christmas and asked if he knew of anyone who had a boat motor box. He had one. So I picked it up and Christmas morning there was a HUGE box wrapped in blankets. After unwrapping everything we came out to the last huge box. Jeremiah uncovered it and there it was....the boat motor he asked for. He was so shocked. He laughed and laughed and then this adorable shocked looked came onto his face.....he what are we going to do with it? I said it's your fault for asking for it haha. So I said well let's look at it and we opened the lid to the box. His new Xbox One was inside along with two games he wanted. It was perfect. The exact picture I had in my head for how I wanted it to go. He loved it! We laughed and Jeremiah said....Mom that was perfect. Great Delivery.

We got Jeremiah's new Xbox all hooked up and guess what....It doesn't work!?!?! So we have to take it back today and hope we get one that works. So stupid they rush new technology out before it's really ready to be used. Oh well I fell for it and bought one.

I got some more stitching from both my hubby and my mom. I'm so lucky. Got everything I wanted and a lot more. I'm so appreciative. Jeremiah was spoiled rotten. He got several Lego kits and some models to build. I got a huge Lego kit of R2D2. It's the largest one I've ever had. I keep picking on Jeremiah that I don't want to start it so I don't finish it haha. I love that I'm 34 and yet I got toys for Christmas. Love it!

So now it's time to figure out what you want to do first. Too many options. A bad side to being spoiled I guess haha. I hope everyone had a great holiday whatever you celebrate. I'm so lucky to have my family and now I just need to find time to do everything I want to do.

Oh for the IHSW. I did get a little bit of stitching in...


  1. How old is Jeremiah? He sounds like good fun and great company. I laughed so hard at him asking for a boat motor! And your surprise was very funny. Hope you get the xbox sorted. We got a wii but of course there is only one controller so the boys have to take turns.

  2. LOL loved the story of the boat motor and then inside was the xbox. I can just see Jeremiah's face and laugh.

  3. LOL, what a great story! I loved reading about Jeremiah's boat motor.


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