Dec 16, 2013


Tomorrow is the actual WIPocalypse but I'm going to post early because tomorrow looks to be busy. So let's go through my goal list for this WIPocalypse year...
The only one I made progress on this year was Hope.
That's at the beginning of the year...
Here is where she stands now.
Let's see. Christmas on the Beach is horrible. I think I finally came to terms with I hate it and I'm throwing it away. The Quirky Christmas Tree is adorable with the 5 I have finished and I was just happy to leave it as is. Happy Holidays I'm working on now. The seasons by Cricket Collection I finished Spring and will move the others to my Turtle Trot list for next year. Messenger didn't even get started. Rules for Life got progress but not much. Patriotic Eagle was a nice thought but it's going in the trash. Christmas Snowfriends Banner wasn't started so I could finish Paradise and the Halloween one first. 99 got a little progress throughout the year it's going on my turtle trot list too. Let's go to the beach got some stitching but not much. I halfway made it through my ornament SALs like always haha. Nice try though. 6 more of both that I didn't have before. I'm not even going to promise any this next year though haha.

These pieces were marked off finished. Loved working on them!

I'm definitely joining in WIPocalypse next year. It's a fun reason to blog on a date about something I love. Now I'm going to switch my goals page over to next year. Hope it's a great year for everyone!


  1. Lovely progress and lovely finishes. Good luck next year! Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Katie

    What is wrong with CHristmas at the Beach? Any chance any of could help you salvage it?


  3. I love how you have links to all your charts! I started Christmas on the Beach too, but haven't touched it since the first day. I agree about the ornaments. I did a few but certainly not 12! I know you'll have Happy Holidays done before me. I'm stitching 99 next year too!

    Have a great stitchy New Year in 2014!!


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