Jan 21, 2014

Finally Back At It

First we had Christmas. So we had a planned 2 week break for that. Then the flu hit. Jeremiah went down a week. I went down a week. It's been crazy. So today we finally got to do home school again. Jeremiah and I was actually so excited to finally hit the books again.

He used to really struggle with Math. Boy after a month off I was worried jumping back into figuring out everything would take a bit. Jeremiah popped his brain into high gear and kicked butt. I'm so proud of him. I just simply love these books we have. I'm mad at myself for not going to this store before and customizing my own curriculum. I was worried about going away from "the plan". The one I purchased in past years told you what to do and when. It worked but I just wished for more serious actual life experience. Today's math was about 3 different people buying things. You figured how much it was per item and then who got the best buy. The other side was about original prices and then after coupons how much would you save. Again real life math. I don't care what the square root of numbers are or the degree of an acute triangle. So it went fantastic. Felt good to be back in the routine.

I found this hilarious cartoon I just have to share...
Totally not the way I feel about home schooling but I LOLed. Last night was the Sleepy Hollow season finale. Wow what a show! I knew I would like it when I saw it advertised at the beginning but I was so worried it would be canceled. I'm so glad it's really taken off cause I enjoy it a lot. There are just too many great shows on TV. Good thing I have a DVR. It's funny I can't imagine life before when we had to tape things. Shoot now there are a few times like Monday night when I can only tape 3 things at a time and I have to miss something. It's horrible. Then I remember....geez it's a tv show I'll be okay if I miss it haha. Well as long as it's Bachelor and not something I really care about haha. I like way too many. Grey's Anatomy!! SyFy has a new one called Helix that's fantastic!! I love Bitten, Lost Girl, and Being Human. The Following is back and looks to be fantastic this season already. If you're reading this do you like any TV shows?


  1. Cute pics Katie. My husband likes those kind of shows. I love Castle, the Mentalist, Big Bang Theory, Parenthood stuff like that.


  2. Ooh I love Big Bang Theory and I taped the first episode of Helix which was shown in the UK last night for the first time. It looked good!

  3. I am a big TV fan but had to stop watching a few. I want to watch movies and read too. I stopped watching Sleepy Hollow even though it was good.

  4. Sleepy Hollow was great, I love Almost Human, Castle, The Following and then there is Bates Motel, Walking Dead, Blue Bloods, CSI...

  5. Glad you're feeling better, Katie.

    Sounds like homeschooling is going great. The square root problems are good to know if you're going to be an engineer. I took as little math as possible in high school, but had to make up for it in college. Ugh. I'm an accountant, go figure. LOL

  6. I watch Sleepy Hollow, The Following, The Bridge, Big Bang, the won with Noah Wylie on TNT with the space aliens. Can't think of the name right now. I don't have a DVR so I always hope they will be on at different times. lol


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