Jan 10, 2014

January Turtle Trot

This is my first turtle trot post. Turtle trot is for those pieces you don't finish quickly. We will work on 10 of them and post our progress on the 10th of the month. The link is on the right hand side of my blog if you would like to see more about it. I love the idea and am so glad I heard about it.

Since this is the 1st post I will show my list and where I am right now on the project.

1. 99 by Ink Circles
I worked on this one the past few days. Here is where I am right now...
I hadn't worked on it since last year May looks like. This is for my hubby.

2. Christmas Snowfriends Banner by Stoney Creek
Haven't started here is what it will look like...
 I've done the other two banners that Stoney Creek has and I loved working on them. This one will be fun I just know it.

3. Dog Wisdom by Bucilla
I started this one on New Year's day and worked on it for 3 days. Here is where I am right now...

4. Grow Together by HAED
I put a few days worth already this year. I started this in December of 2013. Here is where I am right now...

5. Hold on to Hope by HAED
I haven't put any stitches in her for far too long. Here is where she was.

6. Hug the Dog by Stitching Bear
Haven't started this one yet. It's a little one. They need to be on my list too though. Here is what it will look like...

7. Pirate Ship by Bothy Threads
A friend of mine is mailing me this pattern. We love pirates and I've always liked this chart. She happened to have it. Here is what it will look like...

8. Seasonal Fairies by Joan Elliott
I have a little tiny bit of the Summer fairy here is where I am on her...
I got a new frame to hold these and hope they will be easier to stitch now. I'm waiting on some new fabric protectors from Chris.

9. Seasonal Word Pieces by Cricket Collection
I have Spring finished...
I have a HUGE start on Winter haha...
**Edited to add** I just found out I had some done on Autumn and Summer too. Didn't even realize it haha. Here is the where they stand...

10. Snow Drifters Leaflet 2 Pieces by Stoney Creek
I combined these cause they are from the same leaflet...
 The two on the top are the ones I want to do. I started the upper right one (Have a Ball) here is my progress...

Those are the 10 I've picked. When I finish one I'll put something else in the spot. If you have joined in I look forward to watching your progress. See ya next month on the 10th for a progress update on these guys.


  1. Great choices on the new ones and happy stitching on the wips.

  2. You have a great set of WIPs going there! We both have 99 in our Turtle Trot 10--what fun!

  3. All your projects are very pretty!! I love the way Spring word is stitched !! Looks very sweet :)

  4. I'm a new follower, I found you through the turtle trot! You have some great choices, I have a couple of HAEDs in my ten too. I'm hoping we all make some great progress over the year!

  5. Great group of projects. Will enjoy watching your progress.
    I will post my progress thus far in 2014 turtle trot this evening

  6. Nice projects. I couldn't find the turtle trot link on the side of your blog. Today was first I heard of turtle trot. I'm working on a huge project now I could count as a Turtle Trot it's by Mystic Stitch.

  7. Lovely choices! i can't wait to see progress through out the year.

  8. Love all of your choices Katie. Would you like to join my cut thru SAL group? We have a group on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/143307482517635/
    and I also have a SAL page on my blog. If its okay, I will add progress pics on my SAL page. Looking forward to seeing the new starts.


  9. Blue Heron didn't make the list. (:

  10. You've picked some really cook pieces to work on. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  11. You have picked great pieces Katie girl! Your pirate ship is in the envelope and on the back seat of my car!!!! Mailing out to you on Monday.

    I don't stitch fast enough or as much as I should, so I am going to pass on this challenge. It seems when I set goals I never meet them, so I do better just stitching when I am able.


  12. I love all your projects! Can't wait to see them progress throughout the year!

  13. They all look lovely! Great progress on them especially Dog Wisdom. xx

  14. Welcome to the Turtle Trot, Katie! I love the projects in your list. Your 99 looks so nice and bright. Now I can see what to look forward to on this one.

    I checked out the HAED link for Grow Together... That's a different kind of picture! I'm looking forward to your Hold on to Hope progress too.

    It's so funny that you had more Seasonal pieces that you forgot about. They will all look so great when you finish!

    Happy Stitching!

  15. I love your pieces Katie..great job stitching on them all..

  16. Your pieces are very cute! Good luck with your goals!


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