Jan 7, 2014


I heard we ended up with 13 inches of snow. Wow! Here is my favorite picture my hubby grabbed...
Gorgeous. This was as it was happening. It hung in the trees and just piled up everywhere. Then we got 30 mph winds. We've heard a lot of reports of power going out but so far we've kept ours. Please keep it that way. We've broke all kinds of records for our temps too. Right now it's -9 actual temp and feels like -25. It's not getting any warmer today either. Fred got yesterday off work but today he made it in. He said the roads were horrible still.

Saturday Fred took me out for a few quick stops. Hobby Lobby was first on the list. I had a pile of threads I needed to buy to finish kitting up my new projects. We also went to Walmart. Oh My Goodness it was worse than the day after Thanksgiving. Since it was the day before the storm. There were no carts. People were being rude and breaking things. I had to go through 4 dozen eggs to find one not all broken. There was only 7 jugs of milk left. I couldn't believe it. Of course there was a few things we needed. I was glad when we got home.

Here is where I made it with Dog Wisdom...
Not bad with 3 days of work on it. After getting my new threads I couldn't wait to start another project...
This one is called Have a Ball from Stoney Creek Snow Drifters leaflet. I joked about how cute my but was that I stitched haha. Yes I'm immature haha. This is after 3 days work.

My mom and me now have Jeremiah's wonderful cold and OUCH I hurt. I took NyQuil last night. Of course that meant a night full of crazy dreams but I did sleep great. Mine can't decide what it's going to do yet. Be a head cold or go into my throat. Mom's is in her throat she thinks. Fun Fun.

Oh I forgot to tell about we watched The Conjuring. I LOVE scary movies and it was fantastic. It's a exorcist type of movie. Spooky!!! Then we watched a whole bunch of Teen Wolf (from MTV) trying to get caught up. It started again last night. It's getting really good too. Well I think I finally updated everything I wanted to update about. So I'm off. Gotta see what today brings.


  1. The snow is beautiful. It is freezing in CT too. Your stitching is beautiful ans great starts! Feel better soon!

  2. You made some good progress on both pieces Katie. Hope you and mom feel better soon.


  3. Those are nice looking progress pics :-) Hope you feel better soon.

  4. I love to see the snow, especially when its falling. Your stitching is great! I hope you & your mom are better soon!

  5. Hope you're feeling better, Katie.

    Nice progress on your WIPs. I like the looks of the Stoney Creek one.


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