Jan 13, 2014

Winter by Cricket Collections

I seem to have a 3 day rotation. I don't know why just seems like it's working that way right now. I had a hard time picking one out. Jeremiah told me narrow it down to 3. I did then he picked which one for me to work on. I was bummed out until I started stitching it then my needles took off. I told him he picked good evidently haha. So here is where I made it on Winter by Cricket Collections...
The W and all the pretties by the W are complete. I'm happy with the progress.

My mom was able to come home last night. She's still really weak but doing better at least. I swear this cold/whatever is a doozy. One moment I think I'm better then the next minute you think you're worse. Jeremiah still coughs every now and then and it's been 2 weeks. I really need to get off my lazy bum and get some stuff taken care of. All our Christmas presents are still laying all around. The laundry was taller than the dresser. I actually started a load yesterday and already have the 2nd load in today. Just haven't had the energy to stand up. We haven't even been able to start school (Jeremiah is home schooled) yet. It's been a crazy start to the year. So hopefully this week we'll get back on track. Well I'm off to get stuff done and find time to stitch. Hope it's a good week for everyone stopping by to read.


  1. Great progress Katie. Hope everyone feels better real soon.


  2. Looking great, Katie. Glad to hear your mom is home. Hope Jeremiah feels better soon. My hubby has been coughing for almost a month!

  3. Katie

    I hope your mom finds some relief soonwhich will also help you feel better and less stressed. Hang in there.


  4. I've had a small cough for about 3 weeks now. It comes, it goes, it comes, it goes. lol

    Hope everyone in your household gets better soon.

    Your latest stitch looks adorable so far.

  5. How nice that your son picked out a design for you to stitch. It looks really nice. I hope your household gets well soon!


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