Mar 17, 2014

WIPocalypse Time

Yesterday was WIPocalypse time but I was having too much fun stitching to post. Don't worry here I am. The topic for this check in is Show us your favorite places to stitch.
My corner of the living room. There is track lighting in the ceiling above me and my trusty lamp over my shoulder. The table beside me holds all the things I need within reach. So let's see how I've been doing since the last full moon...

I worked on these pieces...
Cut Thru Pirate Ship - 12 Days
HAED Hold on to Hope - 2 Days
Rovaris And a Dog - 1 Day
Clay's Memorial Piece - 2 Days
Winter by Cricket Collection - 5 Days
No Stitching - 9 Days

I have 2 finishes in this time span. Winter and Clay's Memorial piece. That makes me extra happy. Here are the pics...


  1. Love all the updates and the couch looks comfy! Say isn't that TW's Stretch I spy on the wall above the side table?

  2. Your stitchy corner looks comfy.

  3. Lots of great progress and finishes Katie. Neat stitching spot.


  4. Great stitching spot and beautiful stitching.

  5. Congrats on 2 important finishes! And great work on your other pieces. Your stitching spot looks a lot like mine. :)

  6. Your stitching spot looks just like mine! Congrats on your 2 finishes! I bought the same piece you made for Clay after seeing your finish. Hold Onto Hope is looking great! Keep those needles flying, Katie!

  7. Great finishes! You got lots done, congrats.

  8. Great progress - and a comfy sofa to stitch on!


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