Apr 29, 2014

Day 13

Today we went to Animal Kingdom. My favorite part is the safari ride. We got to see this adorable 11 month old giraffe. He was just looking at the car like who are you?! They didn't have a lot of the animals out so that was kind of disappointing. It was really hot today. Like 94 or something. We still had a fantastic time though.
After we did the stuff we wanted to do and some shopping we headed back toward the front of the park. Rainforest Cafe was up there and it was SO GOOD! We ate way too much and felt absolutely miserable after. Luckily it was time to head back to the hotel. When you eat there it sounds like a thunderstorm every now and then. I said Wow it could be storming outside and you wouldn't even know it. When we got out we felt drops and thought it was from the nearby fountain....nope it was rain. Luckily it was really light and we got on the bus with no problem. A little after we got back though the skies let loose and we had quite a few storms. One was even severe enough to have a warning. There was a lot of lightning. So we decided to just stay in and be safe. It was yet another wonderful fantastic amazing day.


  1. The giraffe is so cute! I love giraffes. Lucky that you left just before the heavens opened. Can't wait to see what you get up to tomorrow!

  2. Awesome Photos and it sounds like you are having an amazing trip...I am heading to Florida in July and am so excited for it... Your snaps are just making that excitement build..Enjoy the last couple of days x


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